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Public Annoucement

To whoever decided that it would be a good idea to steal my family’s minivan on Friday morning:

You are an asshole. There are not enough adjectives to correctly describe your degenerate ass, so I’ve settled on Asshole.

Because you needed to get your rocks off by stealing a vehicle, and probably using it to traffic drugs, you have dealt a horrible blow to a family that is already stretched near the breaking point. You have stolen, in one fell swoop, not only the livelihood of of one of its members, but much of the hope of all of its members that we might, someday, dig ourselves out and have a fresh start at life.

You are a horrible, horrible human being. I curse the fate the led you to choose, out of a subdivision full of minivans, in a world of people who need to be rocked just a little bit, our van IN OUR DRIVEWAY.

(The one, I might add, parked next to an unlocked Mustang with the keys in the ignition.)

I hate you. I hate you and your degenerate ass. I hope you find yourself someday, prostrate and powerless to some other asshole and you feel regret and remorse for what you’ve done.

We have no extra income. We have no means to replace what you’ve taken. We’re now in the situation of having to make loan payments for a vehicle we no longer possess and trying to scrape up the means to replace what you’ve taken.

I hope, for your sake, we never meet. If so, you will definitely live to regret it.

Words cannot express how horribly violated and destroyed we feel right now. We’ve been in such a bad place for so long. We were finally beginning to feel like we were making some headway, regaining some ground, and then someone steals our damn car. Just gone. Woke up Friday morning and it was gone from our driveway like it had never been there.

I keep hoping that it will just reappear someday soon. That it’ll turn out to be some prank gone horribly awry. That we’ll get it back and this horrible episode will be behind us. But I know that’s probably not going to be the case.

There’s a seven day waiting period before we can get any compensation from the insurance company. In that time, they’ll pay for a rental car, but it has to come out of pocket and then we’re reimbursed for it later. We certainly can’t afford that expense, even if we do get it back later because we don’t have it now. Thankfully, it sounds like the company that my dad works for has stepped forward to help out, and that’s a great thing, but even still….

The money from the insurance company has to go toward the car loan first, and than whatever’s left over goes to us. Well, there isn’t going to be any leftover. In fact, we’re still going to owe money toward the loan. The insurance company only gives you KBB value for the vehicle. Not actually what it would take to get you back on the road again.


For a variety of reasons, I have grown to hate car insurance companies in the past few days. There not in the business of helping people. They’re in the business of screwing people and doing only the least the law allows.

(I just found out that my insurance premium is an extra $10 a month because I went TWO DAYS without insurance while I was switching providers. Assholes.)

To top it all off, I know it’s not entirely rational, but it’s set me completely on edge. I don’t feel safe anymore. When I was falling asleep last night, I heard a noise that sounded like it was coming from the garage. Convinced someone was trying to steal another one of our cars, or worse, I armed myself with my knife and stuck out to investigate. Obviously I found nothing, but I was so rattled that I slept with my knife under my pillow and slept fitfully all night.

You don’t think it’ll happen to you. You hear about thefts and break-ins and it’s always somebody else. I’m here to tell you that it can be you.

Please, if you have an auto loan, see if your insurance covers all of your loan in the case your car is totaled or stolen. PLEASE. If it won’t, demand it, and if they won’t, switch. Don’t just assume the insurance will protect you.

One thought on “Public Annoucement

  1. Mary

    I am so, so sorry that this happened to your family. I’m so sorry it happened PERIOD, but especially to y’all since I know a little of how hard it’s been. I know it’s not much, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your’s.