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no strike to spare

So the Broadway strike has come to an end today. I guess the city of New York has been breathing down the necks of both sides, as it’s costing the city and local businesses millions with Broadway dark. In reading the New York Times article about it, it seems that the compromises were fairly reasonable.

Looks like they basically agreed that the number of crew at load-in could be a lot more flexible, that pre- and post-show calls could be extended some without initiating a minimum call (I.E. so they could call crew at an hour and a half to show and not have to pay a full four-hour minimum for that extra half hour.) In exchange for some of the concessions made on the behalf of the Union, the techs will see a higher than standard pay raise.

Dammit, I want a pay raise! I’d go on strike, but no one would give a damn.

I don’t see anything terribly earth-shattering here, but some of the fall-out remains to be seen. I just hope it doesn’t start to establish a precedence of justifying cutting into job security with paying more per hour. The temporary contract will be voted on by the members of Local 1 in the middle of December.