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Looks like LD’s in Te-has (Texas) dodged a bullet this month. Just goes to show you the power that one ticked off constituent and a bunch of ignorant (to the ways of live entertainment) politicians and staffers.

For those of you who don’t know, basically a Texas state congressman amended a bill that had nothing to do with electrics or live entertainment, in an attempt to clean up engineering legislation, to include a provision that “lighting design” could not be performed by anyone except licensed engineers, electricians, and architects. (And not recognizing any of the LE industry licensing programs.) Basically, he had a constituent (i.e. big donor) call and complain that he was unhappy with the work of someone he hired to “design” his residential lighting. In a knee-jerk reaction, a the congressman added the above provision without knowing its full ramifications.

Thankfully, it was immediately brought to the attention of the lighting design community and heavy-hitters came out in force. Gently educating the congressman on what exactly that would mean to thousands and thousands of people, not just designers, but the people that hire them, the companies that supply them, etc, seemed to open their eyes and the amendment has since been pulled.

Kinda scary there for a minute, tho. Could have been illegal to practice lighting design in the state of Texas!